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Columbia study: Implications of macroeconomic policy, external shocks and social protection systems on poverty, inequality and vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean. Colombia – (Implicaciones de la política macroeconómica, los choques externos y los sistemas de protección social en la pobreza, la desigualdad y la vulnerabilidad en América Latina y el Caribe. Colombia)

This study describes how the last decade of the twentieth century was characterized by strong macroeconomic volatility in Latin American economies. In general, the reforms imposed in the early nineties increased flows of entry and exit of goods and capital and also made the economies vulnerable to external shocks. The study presents two toold necessary to define a suitable methodological framework that takes account of all areas, macroeconomic and microeconomic vulnerability .These are a Computable General Equilibrium Model (CGE) and microsimulation analysis.

Service line: Policy coherence
Category: Social Protection Systems
Created by: Development Policy and Analysis Division
Type: Knowledge Product
Format: Case study
Language(s): Spanish
Location: http://www.eclac.org/mexico/publicaciones/xml/0/44300/ChoquesExternosColombia-W9.pdf
Publication: 2011
Target audience: Policymakers, Governments
Availability: Web accessible/downloadable