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Committee for Development Policy website

Provides information about CDP activities as well as LDC data, information and publications. The CDP provides inputs and independent advice to ECOSOC on emerging cross-sectoral development issues and on international cooperation for development. The CDP is also responsible for reviewing the status of LDCs and for monitoring their progress after graduation from the category.

Least Developed Countries Portal

The LDC Portal gives users access to information about special international support measures (ISMs) adopted by the international development community for countries included in the LDC category. ISMs are meant to assist LDCs in confronting their special development challenges and in achieving progress towards graduation from the category.

Handbook and Guide on Vulnerability Resilience Profile

The Handbook and Guide provides guidance on a 5 steps analytical framework known as the Vulnerability-Resilience Profile (VRP). The VRP tool is designed to focus on monitoring and evaluation of progress of the commitments to sustainable development as stated under the Barbados Programme of Action (BPoA) and the Mauritius Strategy for Implementation (MSI). The tool addresses the vulnerability-resilience nexus and consists of an assessment of a country’s vulnerabilities and its capacity to cope with these vulnerabilities. The vulnerability assessment would be based on both qualitative and quantitative indicators and indices that reflect a country’s vulnerabilities to threats in terms of the three dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social. The resilience assessment would evaluate the measures that strengthen the coping capacity of the country to prevent, adapt to, or mitigate these exogenous and endogenous risks and threats for each of the three dimensions of sustainable development in term of actions at three levels: national, regional and international.

Website of the Global Forest Financing Facilitation Network

The website on the UNFF Facilitative Process on forest financing provides the forest financing stakeholder community with all the results of the Facilitative Process and Global Forest Financing Facilitation Network (GFFFN) as well as an interactive platform which allows users with a login to download and upload the latest findings on forest financing and share opinions, experiences, challenges and success stories amongst each other.

Knowledgebase on Economic Statistics – Methods and Country Practices

The knowledge base serves as a single web-based access point for a dynamic and centralized repository of information on all aspects of methodology and best country practices for the collection, analysis and dissemination of economic statistics and macroeconomic standards. As such, it facilitates the international sharing and exchange of knowledge on economic statistics programmes as well as the provision of guidance to countries.