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Introduction to Electronic Government

This learning material is an introduction to electronic government (e-government). Our basic premise that the governments’ use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is not an end in itself, certainly not a technical exercise, but a tool to achieve better government.

Building a Community of Practice for Electronic Governance

The aim of this learning material is to build a Community of Practice for developing, sharing, and applying concrete solutions for Electronic Governance, with particular focus on developing countries. The material will describe the rationale, objectives, activities and future directions of an example community site.

Human Resources Management in the Public Sector (Spanish)

This training material aims to support the development of capacities in the directive, executive and professional levels involved in Human Resources and Capacity fields in the public sector.  Its ultimate goal is to provide tools to the organizations and staff in the public administration systems and institutions to achieve their goals within a framework of efficiency and integrity.