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Developing National Sustainable Development Strategies that Promote Stability and Peacebuilding

This manual describes a workshop method that enables participant experts in sustainable development to contextualize and adapt the material provided in the Guidance Notes “Developing National Sustainable Development Strategies in Post-conflict Countries”. The workshop provides an exploratory process to help development policy-makers and other
stakeholders in conflict-affected countries address their unique contextual challenges.

Vulnerability Monitor No. 1: Global Vulnerability to Trade Shocks

The manuals aim at establishing a reliable monitoring and analysis system to alert policy makers about vulnerabilities that could hurt countries under changing global economic conditions. IMAS tries to address three challenges: To bring existing information together into an effective monitoring framework that allows for real-time assessments of the economic and social impacts of changing conditions in the world economy; To analyze risks related to different types of shocks, their transmissions, and likely effects on developing countries and various population groups To inform policy makers so that they can design adequate responses and monitor the effectiveness of the policy actions taken.

Guidance manual on Effective Project Design for Sustainable Forest Management

This 36-page manual was developed out of 3 regional capacity-building workshops on designing project proposals for sustainable forest management. It can be used on its own but works best as supporting material for training workshops on the same topic. The manual uses a participatory approach to understanding the main tools in preparing project proposals, including different stakeholder engagement methods, logical frameworks and monitoring and evaluation.

National Transfer Accounts

National Transfer Accounts (NTA) provide a coherent accounting framework of economic flows from one age group or generation to another, typically for a national population in a given calendar year. This manual presents the concepts, methods and estimation procedures to measure these flows over the life-cycle. The NTA estimates are useful to understand and analyse the implications of changing age structures for the fiscal sustainability of social programs, the accumulation of physical and human capital, economic growth, and familial support for children, youth and older persons.

Manual on the Basic Set of Environment Statistics

The objective of the Manual is to produce and disseminate a set of methodology sheets or metadata for the collection or compilation of all environment statistics of the Basic Set of Environment Statistics embedded in the FDES 2013. These methodology sheets offer detailed and in-depth methodological guidance including definitions, classifications, statistical methods for collection and/or compilation, dissemination and main uses of the sets of the respective environment statistics.