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Cost Benefit analysis

Cost benefit analysis tool for identifying institutional capacity building priorities in LDCs: an application to Uganda

Strengthening International Support Measures for the Least Developed Countries

The Policy Note takes stock of the nature of the financial, technical and institutional support and preferential trade-related treatments that have been provided to LDCs. It provides an assessment of how useful these existing support measures have been and identifies ways in which they can be made more effective.

Committee for Development Policy website

Provides information about CDP activities as well as LDC data, information and publications. The CDP provides inputs and independent advice to ECOSOC on emerging cross-sectoral development issues and on international cooperation for development. The CDP is also responsible for reviewing the status of LDCs and for monitoring their progress after graduation from the category.

Least Developed Countries Portal

The LDC Portal gives users access to information about special international support measures (ISMs) adopted by the international development community for countries included in the LDC category. ISMs are meant to assist LDCs in confronting their special development challenges and in achieving progress towards graduation from the category.