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The project aims to address the technical and institutional barriers to the establishment of routinely produced environmental-economic accounts at the national level. Project activities will focus on: building the institutional framework in support of the SEEA implementation, taking into consideration existing initiatives and activities in the countries and policy priorities; building capacity in the countries to compile selected accounts on a regular basis, while contributing to the development of SEEA compliant global databases; fostering inter-institutional collaboration to promote collaboration and data-sharing in producing the accounts; and promoting the effective use and communication of the accounts in supporting evidence-based policy and the SDGs.

The project will support six developing countries (for example, Lao PDR, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Myanmar, Tajikistan and Tunisia), from three different sub-regions to ensure geographic diversity and multiplication effects in the various regions. Countries will be selected on the basis of their demonstrated interest to put in place a SEEA programme in the country to meet policy needs and the demands for SEEA accounts to inform policies. The project will support and build on achievements from past activities in the target countries, in particular introductory blended learning workshops on the SEEA, carried out by DESA/SD, in partnership with the regional commissions. The project will also build on initial technical assistance provided by partner organizations to some of the selected countries.

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Other Divisions:Statistics Division
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Project dates:January 2020 – January 2023
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