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The overall objective of the project is to increase the capacities of governments, youth-led civil society organizations and the broader Community Based Organization (CBO) community in the formulation and implementation of effective national youth policies and action plans that promote conflict prevention, peacebuilding and sustaining peace in the context of the 2030 Agenda and the implementation of the SDGs.

The substantive focus of the project lies in capacity development for analysis, review and reformulation of relevant social policies through participatory processes involving young people and other relevant stakeholders. These processes will lead to the production, roll out and dissemination of a Training Module for Promoting Sustainable Peace through National Youth Policies. They will also support partnership building and coalition development on issues regarding YPS and the 2030 Agenda in the target countries.

Project code:1617G
Primary Division:
Other Divisions:Division for Social Policy and Development
Funding source:
Project dates:March 2016 – December 2019
Thematic areas: