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As a set of interconnected goals, monitoring and measuring the progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals necessitates the use of integrated frameworks. The United Nations System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is an international statistical standard which integrates economic and environmental information into a common framework to measure the contribution of the environment to the economy and the impact of the economy on the environment. The SEEA provides countries with a framework to derive internationally comparable sets of statistics and indicators, supporting measurement of progress towards the SDGs as well as the Aichi Targets, green growth, etc.  

The project aims to address the technical and institutional barriers to the establishment of routinely produced environmental-economic accounts at the national level by national statistical offices. Project activities will focus on: building the institutional framework in support of SEEA implementation, taking into consideration existing initiatives and activities in the countries and policy priorities; building capacity in the countries to compile selected accounts on a regular basis, while contributing to the development of SEEA compliant global databases; fostering inter-institutional relationships to promote collaboration and data-sharing in producing the accounts; and promoting the effective communication and use of the accounts in supporting evidence-based policy and the SDGs.  

Project code:2023B
Primary Division:
Partners:UN Development Programme, UN Environment, UN-ESCAP, UN-ECA
Funding source:
Donors:Development Account
Project dates:January 2020 – June 2023
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Thematic areas:, , ,
SDGs:Goal 6: Clean Water and SanitationGoal 8: Decent Work and Economic GrowthGoal 15: Life on Land