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Development Policy Seminar: Participation in Global Value Chains

Chaired by Senior Economic Affairs Officer Ms. Mariangela Parra-Lancourt, the Development Strategy and Policy Analysis Unit of DPAD hosted a seminar on “Participation in Global Value Chains” on 22 June 2017.


It was a continuation of another Global Value Chains (GVCs) seminar held on 8 June 2017. Professor Cédric Durand from Paris 13 University, Ms. Marilia Marcato and Mr. Budi Akmal Djafar—researchers affiliated with a New School discussion group led by Prof. William Milberg, Dean and Professor of Economics at the New School—made the presentations.

The issues discussed included intangible factors—such as regulations, intellectual properties, and services inputs—in the Global Value Chains and historical and current trends of the linkages between international trade growth and economic growth.  A case study on the Indonesia’s automobile industry was also presented. Together, the presentations highlighted some of the key areas to be further explored in relation to GVCs that could have strong implications for the pursuit of sustainable development in many countries. The seminar was preceded by a meeting with the United Nations Statistics Division, where participants discussed the latest development on the preparation of the Handbook on Accounting for GVCs that was mandated by the Statistical Commission. The seminar ended with an active Q&A session with participation of members of various DESA divisions, other UN entities, and the academia.