UN Network on Ageing Newsletter-Issue 45

The UN Population Division created a new website “Population Dynamics Consultation”, which went public last week. The idea of the site is to provide a forum to solicit input from a vast array of stakeholders about the role of population dynamics, including demographic ageing within the post-2015 UN development agenda. It is therefore an opportunity for everyone to contribute to an open and lively discussion on the future shape of shared global development priorities. The Focal Point on Ageing is a member of the inter-agency group inputting to this process.

Currently, four questions for discussion have been posted on the website to stimulate initial debate and discussion. Answers to these four questions will feed into an Expert Group Meeting taking place next week in New York that will also debate these questions. Following this, thematic consultations will follow over the next weeks. We encourage you to actively contribute to this discussion, alert your colleagues and help us ensure that ageing and older persons becomes a key part of the post-2015 process.

The web-address of the new site is: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/population