Report on of the current status of older persons worldwide

Report on the status of the rights of older persons 2011The report consists of six sections. Sections I to IV focus on the social and economic well-being of the ageing population, documenting the demographics of older age, reviewing the economic situation of older persons, exploring health-related issues, and examining societal perceptions and the social integration of older residents. In each of these areas, the diversity of situations characterizing older persons in society and across the world has been taken into account, and an effort has been made to capture the evolving reality and perceptions of old age as well as older persons’ own views. The report is based on recent research and empirical data from various sources available to the United Nations Secretariat. It should be noted, however, that while extensive data and analysis are available on population ageing, data and information relating specifically to the lives and situations of older persons are relatively scarce and are seldom included in ageing-related publications.

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