HLPF 2019 Event on Confronting Ageism and Empowering Older People

Confronting Ageism and Empowering Older People was discussed at a side event following the opening of the high-level political forum under the auspices of ECOSOC. The event was organized by the Stakeholder Group on Ageing and sponsored by UN DESA.

Older persons face widespread ageism and are often excluded from Sustainable Development Goals mechanisms and locked out of development by discriminatory laws, policies and attitudes in contexts such as employment, education, health services and beyond. The event brought together a range of experts to examine how ageism and discrimination contribute to growing inequality, and how legal and policy frameworks are necessary for addressing older people’s exclusion. 

Programme and Speaker Biographies


Stakeholder Group on Ageing Position Paper for HLPF 2019


  • Welcome by Ms. Amal Abou Rafeh, Chief of Programme on Ageing, UNDESA
  • Keynote by Ms. Ashton Applewhite, Author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

Panellists’ Presentations