Ageing-related Statistics and Age-disaggregated Data

Report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on ageing-related statistics and age-disaggregated data: Note by the Secretary-General

As the proportion of the world’s population in the older ages continues to increase, the need for improved information and analysis of population ageing becomes pressing. Furthermore, implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the pledge to leave no one behind require timely and reliable data across all ages.

The report provides an overview of challenges with respect to data on older populations and includes a proposal to form a new city group, the Titchfield group on ageing-related statistics and age-disaggregated data, to address issues of conceptualization, methodology and instruments in the domains of ageing-related statistics and age-disaggregated data. The Titchfield Group would contribute to and build upon international standards and methods for the compilation of ageing-related statistics and age-disaggregated data, by reviewing and extending existing advances and by enlisting expertise from various countries as well as the international, academic and non-profit sectors concerned with ageing-related statistics and age-disaggregated data. Harnessing private sector expertise in relation to innovative approaches, including big data, in the use and presentation of ageing – related statistics and age-disaggregated data will also be important.

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