This list is an informal compilation of selected United Nations documents on issues related to the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM). The focus is on recent documents as well as some of the earlier basic texts that lay down UNSCOM's basic rights and Iraq's obligations. The "titles" given to the documents in this list are only informal descriptions designed to describe the main points of interest from Special Commission's point of view.

Click the link to obtain the specified document. Documents are in chronological order. Documents without links will be available in the near future.

S/Res/1284 of 17/12/1999 Replacement of UNSCOM by UNMOVIC.

S/Res/1205 of 05/11/1998 Condemnation of Iraq's decision to halt monitoring.

S/Res/1194 of 09/09/1998 Condemnation of Iraq's decision to halt all UNSCOM disarmament work.

S/Res/1154 of 02/03/1998 Endorsement of the MOU on access to Presidential sites.

S/Res/1137 of 12/11/1997 Condemnation of Iraq's behavior, imposition of travel ban.

S/Res/1134 of 23/10/1997 Condemnation of Iraq's behaviour, further sanctions threatened.

S/Res/1115 of 21/06/1997 Condemnation of Iraq's refusal to grant access and interviews.

S/Res/1060 of 12/06/1996 Condemnation of Iraq's refusal to grant inspection access.

S/Res/1051 of 27/03/1996 Approval of export /import monitoring mechanism for Iraq.

S/Res/715 of 11/10/1991 Approval of Ongoing Monitoring and Verification plan.

S/Res/707 of 15/08/1991 Iraq's compliance; inspection flights; Iraq to provide disclosures.

S/Res/699 of 17/06/1991 Iraq to be liable for all costs associated with UNSCOM's work.

S/Res/687 of 03/04/1991 Cease-fire and establishment and mandate of UNSCOM.

S/1999/100 of 30/01/1999 Note on the establishment of the three panels.

S/1999/94 of 29/01/1999 Report on status of disarmament and monitoring.

S/1998/1172 of 15/12/1998 Secretary-General, IAEA and UNSCOM letters on Iraqi cooperation .

S/1998/1127 of 30/11/1998 Letters on documents and UNSCOM missions.

S/1998/1106 of 20/11/1998 Letters on documents, biology and outstanding issues.

S/1998/1032 of 04/11/1998 Letter on effects of Iraq's decision to halt monitoring.

S/1998/1023 of 31/10/1998 Letter on Iraq's decision to prohibit monitoring.

S/1998/995 of 26/10/1998 Report of the Group of International Experts on VX.

S/1998/1194 of 09/09/1998 Condemnation of break of cooperation, suspends sanctions reviews.

S/1998/769 of 18/08/1998 President of the Council's reply to Executive Chairmans's 12 August letter.

S/1998/767 of 12/08/1998 12 August letter from the Executive Chairman on the implications of Iraq's August decisions

S/1998/719 of 05/08/1998 Report of the Chairman's August 1998 Baghdad Mission.

S/1998/529 of 17/06/1998 Report of the Chairman's June 1998 Baghdad Mission.

S/1998/326 of 15/04/1998 Report of the Special group on visits to presidential sites.

S/1998/308 of 08/04/1998 Report of the Technical Evaluation Meeting on BW.

S/1998/278 of 27/03/1998 Report of the Chairman's March '98 Baghdad mission.

S/1998/166 of 27/03/1998 Memorandum of understanding on Presidential sites.

S/1998/208 of 09/03/1998 Procedures for Presidential sites.

S/1998/58 of 22/01/1998 Report of the Chairman's January '98 Baghdad mission.

S/1997/987 of 17/12/1997 Report of Chairman's December '97 Baghdad mission.

S/1997/922 of 24/11/1997 Report of the emergency session of UNSCOM

S/1995/1017 of 7/12/1995 Export/Import monitoring mechanism.

S/1999/1037 of 08/10/1999 Eigth report under resolution 1051.

S/1999/401 of 09/04/1999 Seventh report under resolution 1051.

S/1998/920 of 06/10/1998 Sixth report under resolution 1051.

S/1998/332 of 16/04/1998 Fifth report under resolution 1051.

S/1997/774 of 06/10/1997 Fourth report under resolution 1051.

S/1997/301 of 11/04/1997 Third report under resolution 1051.

S/1996/848 of 11/10/1996 Second report under resolution 1051.

S/1996/258 of 11/04/1996 First report under resolution 1051.

S/1995/1038 of 17/12/1995 Ninth report under resolution 699.

S/1995/494 of 20/06/1995 Eighth report under resolution 699

S/1995/864 of 11/10/1995 Eighth report under resolution 715.

S/1995/284 of 10/04/1995 Seventh report under resolution 715

S/1994/1422 of 15/12/1994 Seventh report under resolution 699.

S/1994/1138 of 07/10/1994 Sixth report under resolution 715.

S/1994/750 of 24/06/1994 Sixth report under resolution 699.

S/1994/489 of 22/04/1994 Fifth report under resolution 715.

S/26910 of 21/12/1993 Fifth report under resolution 699.

S/26684 of 05/11/1993 Fourth report under resolution 715.

S/25977 of 21/06/1993 Fourth report under resolution 699.

S/25620 of 19/04/1993 Third report under resolution 715.

S/24984 of 17/12/1992 Third report under resolution 699.

S/24661 of 19/10/1992 Second report under resolution 715.

S/24108(Corr.1) of 16/04/1992 Second report under resolution 699.

S/23801 of 10/04/1992 First report under resolution 715.

S/23268 of 04/12/1991 First Report under resolution 699.

S/23165 of 25/10/1991 First Report under resolution 687.


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