informal paper circulated in the Security Council on 19 September

 TIME LINE ACTION UNDER Security Council Resolution 1284 (1999)
 16 September 2002 Iraqi acceptance of the return of Weapons Inspectors to Iraq without conditions.
2 Weeks

UNMOVIC-Iraq talks regarding practical arrangements required for inspection and monitoring under Security Council
resolutions. (Preliminary talks 17 September in New York, concluding talks planned for 30 September - 2 October, Vienna)

Backlog of semi-annual reports to be delivered by Iraq to UNMOVIC (during Vienna talks).

 2 Months

Advance UNMOVIC party to go to Baghdad. Arrive. 15 Oct.

UNMOVIC preparatory work in Baghdad for inspection. Some early inspections and early rebaselining of selected sites.

Recruiting inspectors from the roster, getting airplanes, helicopters, communications and other tools in place.

Beginning of analysis of Iraqi semi-annual reports.

"Start of Work". [Para. 7 of UNSC Res.1284 (1999)]

 60 Days

Continued analysis of Iraqi semi-annual reports.

Rebaselining (what has changed since 1998).

Preparation of work programme, including a list of key remaining disarmament tasks. [Para. 7 of UNSC Res. 1284 (1999)]

Submission to UNSC.

X Days UN Security Council approval of work programme.
Y Days UNMOVIC reports it is "fully operational". [Para. 12 of UNSC Res. 1284 (1999)]
120 Days "Cooperation in all respects" by Iraq. [Para. 33 of UNSC Res. 1284 (1999)]
 Z Days UNMOVIC reports to Security Council. [Para. 33 of UNSC Res. 1284 (1999)]

 *All time lines assume Iraqi cooperation in all respects. Quarterly reports to the UN Security Council are due on 1 December, 1 March and 1 June. [Para. 12 of UNSC Res. 1284 (1999)]




Dr Blix briefs the press following Security Council consultations 19 September (photo)




UNMOVIC Statement to the Press 17 September 2002

UNMOVIC and Iraq have held preliminary talks at UN headquarters in New York this afternoon about practical arrangements related to the resumption of inspections, as a follow-up from earlier talks in Vienna in July this year. UNMOVIC provided the Iraqi side with a list of such practical arrangements.

The Iraqi side said it needed some time to study and consult in Baghdad about these practical arrangements.

It was agreed that further talks would take place and be concluded at a meeting in Vienna in the week beginning 30 September, the exact timing of the meeting being subject to the Executive Chairman's need to be available to the Security Council.

The Iraqi delegation said it would provide UNMOVIC with the backlog of semi-annual monitoring declarations at the meeting in Vienna.

National legislation by Iraq prohibiting WMD activities, as called for in the monitoring plan approved by Security Council resolution 715 of 1991, will be considered by Iraq on the basis of models to be provided shortly by UNMOVIC.

Both sides believe it was a useful meeting and the Iraqi delegation welcomed the resumption of inspections.


The United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission
New York
17 September 2002




UNMOVIC remarks following the announcement by Iraq that it will allow the return of UN weapons 
inspectors without conditions

Dr Blix welcomes this news. UNMOVIC is ready for immediate talks in New York on practical arrangements for the

resumption of inspection. As has been clear from our reports to the Security Council, UNMOVIC has been seeking

such talks with the Iraqi side for some time.

16 September 2002