Life Insurance


Life Insurance

Responsibility for Life Insurance Records

1.Staff members should be aware that all group life insurance forms and records are to be maintained at the duty station where the staff member is payrolled. Staff members away from Headquarters must submit their life insurance applications, together with proof of eligibility attesting to the type and duration of their appointment, to the relevant administrative office at their duty station. The only exceptions pertain to the following four forms, which must be processed through the Health and Life Insurance Section:

Only if a staff member is transferred to Headquarters, separates from service (see para. 2 below) or upon the death of an insured staff member, should the life insurance file containing the originals of all related forms and premium payment records be transmitted to the Health and Life Insurance Section. Staff who move between duty stations should be sure that their life insurance records are transferred accordingly. Staff members whose career paths involve a high degree of mobility are advised to maintain a personal file with copies of the records of their participation in the group life insurance programme.

2. Administrative officers at offices where the group life insurance programme is administered should be mindful that the payment of a claim or the establishment of the entitlement to after-service life insurance benefits requires that the following records and certifications be furnished to the Health and Life Insurance Section upon the death of the insured staff member, or whenever an insured staff member retires from service with the Organization:
(a) All group life insurance documents:
(i) Every application form (initial, in connection with a change of duty station, and/or relating to re-enrolment following termination for any reason) with proof of qualifying contracts;
(ii) Where applicable, Evidence of Insurability approval;
(iii) Aetna forms changing the beneficiary designation;
(iv) Payroll records documenting the deduction of group life insurance premiums or the direct payment by staff members during periods of special leave without pay;
(v) Record(s) of termination of life insurance, where applicable, together with effective date(s);

(b) Certification by the final administrative duty station of:
(i) Last date on which staff member reported for work;
(ii) Close of business separation date;
(iii) Date of the last premium deduction and, in the base currency, amount of premium and level of pensionable remuneration for the last full month of service.


It is suggested that participants in the group life insurance programme keep copies of their life insurance documents (application(s), designation of beneficiary forms) and a copy of the present circular in a secure location together with other valuable personal documents.