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Active Staff and ASHI participants currently enrolled in one of our medical insurance plans that were also participants in the Aetna plan from 1 July 2011 through 1 July 2012 will receive a premium holiday in May 2013. Therefore, the effected staff members and retirees will not see a medical insurance premium for the month of May.
Reminder: In July 2012, the CIGNA Dental plan was enhanced to include the Cigna WellnessPlus Progressive and Regressive feature. This feature has a mechanism that increases the dental reimbursement maximum for the 2013 plan year when you receive preventative care by 30 June 2013. For details about the Progressive and Regressive feature and your potential increase, CIGNA has prepared a flyer.

View the Health and Life Insurance section's presentation to UNHQ staff members regarding the Health and Life insurance plan options and the mechanisms governing in-network and out-of-network care.

CuraScript to leave the medical specialty pharmacy network 1 September 2013.


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Empire Blue Cross now has a dedicated telephone number for United Nations member services: 1-855-519-9537


Empire Blue Cross has issued new ID cards to all UN plan members for use beginning 1 July 2012 and you should be receiving them shortly.

This new card represents Phase II of the issuance of ID cards which began in January of this year. New ID cards needed to be issued because the United States Government has started issuing Social Security numbers that begin with the number "8". Up to now, your Empire Blue Cross identification number used the number "8" followed by your UN index number "00" for active staff members and "91" retirees. Upon receipt of this new card, please discard your old one.

We encourage all members to let be your personal website for interactive tools that are built around you, your health and your benefits. is totally secure only you can see your personal information.

Because is all about you, your plan and benefit information are easy to find. It is right at your finger tips. You can find a doctor, check your claims or order a new ID card. These are just a few of the tools that the website has to offer.

For those of you who have not yet registered, this is a perfect time to do so and begin benefiting from this useful tool.

For those of you already registered, please note that you will need to re-register starting 1 July 2012 using your new ID number that begins with "YLDU" instead of the old "YLD8".

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How to print a temporary ID card for Empire:

  • Register or re-register at
  • Click on the "Member" link. On the Members page, click on "Register".
  • You will be asked for your first and last name (in this order), your Empire Member ID Number and your date of birth.

When asked for your ID number, use the naming convention below to key in your new Empire Blue Cross ID number which goes into effect on 1 July 2012.

YLD + U + six digit index number + 00 or "YLDU12345600" for active staff
YLD + U + six digit index number + 91 or "YLDU12345691" for retirees

  • Enter Group Plan number. You may look at your old card for this information. If you are a new UNHQ staff member, your Group Plan number is 374610A.
  • Create a new username and password.

Once you are signed in, you can print a temporary card for you and your family by clicking on "My Profile". You will see a link for printing a temporary ID card.

Since your new ID card is on its way, you do not need to click on "Request ID card" unless you have not received it within two weeks.

Please remember that you can only register online with your new ID number beginning 1 July 2012.




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Manage Your Health ... Take Control ... Go For It!!!


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CIGNA Explanation of Benefits now available on paper, online or both.



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