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Whenever possible, these links point to a specific ocean and law of the sea-related page within a web site.  Entries are listed in alphabetical order by full name.

Libraries Resources

British  Institute of International and Comparative Law
Academic institution dealing with comparative law as well as public and private international law; discussion forum, research organization, publisher, training and advice centre; abstracts from the International and Comparative Law Quarterly; articles and seminars on law of the sea
a decorative wave image used on most NODC pages Global Oceanographic Data Archaeology and Rescue (GODAR)
Seeks to increase volume of historical oceanographic data available on climate change and other researches by locating data sets not yet in digital form and ensuring  their submission to one of the data centers; part of the United States' NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center

Kodeks Law Information Center, Russia

Bilingual (English and Russian) legal database; Russian legislation on, inter alia, continental shelf; seabed, living resources; archive of Russian legislation
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Library Image NOAA Central Library (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), USA
Links to all NOAA library resources; photo collection, NOAA Historical Map & Chart Collection; Indexes, Journals, and Newspapers, NOAA Central Library Bibliographies, NOAA Newsletters, Government Depository Collection; national and international information programs
NOAA Photo Library Banner NOAA Photo Library (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), USA
Links to over 16,000 images of fish, deep sea creatures, hydrothermal vents, underwater volcanoes, ocean sanctuaries, ships, etc.
National Council for Science and the Environemtn Oceans & Coastal Resources: A Briefing Book - NCSE, Washington, USA

National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE), Congressional Research Service Report 97-588 ENR; full book available online; in-depth background materials cover coastal issues, living resources, climate change, science, minerals and energy, Antarctica, law of the sea, UNCED, U.S. legislation; links to many issues and organizations

Scripps Library, Collections and Local Data Servers
Electronic journals, archives, maps, databases and CD-ROMs

Publishers and Journals

American Society of International Law
Legal references; publisher of the American Journal of International Law - Current and Recent AJIL Contents with abstracts are available on-line; publisher of International Legal Materials with tables of contents 1997-present available online
Elsevier Science
Many law of the sea materials; bibliographical information, tables of contents, abstracts, full text, sample copies; publisher of the journals Marine Policy and Ocean & Coastal Management and has tables of contents available online
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Many law of the sea materials; bibliographical information; publisher of: International  Journal of Marine and Coastal Law (online tables of contents 1995 to present) and book series International Organizations and the Law of the Sea - Documentary Yearbook;  Kluwer ALERT e-mail alerting system delivers updates about new publications, as well as forthcoming articles from any of Kluwer’s Journals

Martinus Nijhoff publishers
Books on law of the sea; bibliographical information; publisher of United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982, A Commentary


Oceana Publications, Inc
Oceana Publications

Publishes law of the sea materials

tandf Logo Taylor & Francis Group

Publishes Coastal Management, Marine Geodesy, Marine Georesources and Geotechnology, Maritime Policy and Management and Ocean Development & International Law; includes online tables of contents 1999 to present; SARA e-mail alerting system delivers free tables of contents when new issues are published


Legal Databases and Search Engines

BAILII BAILII - British and Irish Legal Information Institute
England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Irish legal databases; contains search engine; texts of cases and legislation on fisheries, marine environment, shipping from 1860s to present; case law and legislation
Globelaw Logo Globelaw
Database featuring international, environmental and transnational law, as well as multilateral conventions and national legal materials including law of the sea
 Lex Mercatoria
A multi-university consortium that monitors public international law and trade law; search engine; includes marine transportation, insurance and liability; links to associations


Lists of Links

Acronym Search Engine
Multi-lingual acronym search engine with links; covers marine-related organizations, programmes and titles available through the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO
EurOcean Portal - European centre for information on marine science and technology
EurOcean is a focal point for information in Europe on marine science and technology. One of its functions is to be the IOC regional portal for Europe. The EurOcean portal provides information in three main domains: marine research infrastructures, national and European RTD programmes.
IDRC Home Page Fisheries, Aquaculture and Oceans Links - International Development Research Centre, Canada
Links by Canadian Government created public corporation to help developing communities find solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems through research; extensive list of links to schools, programmes and institutes
IMO Library of Links -  Directory of Maritime Links
Links on various subject areas covered by the mandate of IMO as well as lists of maritime-related links organized by country
Marine Sciences Portal for the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

The eSeFDee Marine Sciences Portal is the continuation of the former links pages of the Sea Fisheries Department (CLO-SFD, Oostende, Belgium). The portal site is offered as a free service to the marine scientific community, to managers and decision makers, and in general, to anyone interested in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Marine and Coastal Program, Tufts University, USA
Links to multilateral treaties, conventions, agreements and protocols dealing with marine and coastal issues from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy's Multilaterals Project
International Law - Main Page Miral  - International Law of the Sea pages, Croatia
List of links to law of the sea organizations, agreements; subjects including Croatia and Adriatic Sea (Croatian and English)
NASA Logo (color version) NASA Marine Science Educational Links
Ocean-related educational site links at NASA's Marine Science Educational URLs; sites of interest to students and teachers of the marine sciences include marine science institutions and centres, links to marine life and marine science educational resource links
List of links; oceans campaigns; articles, citations, briefings
Links List - P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences
List of Links to national research institutes throughout the world; selected publications/journals with contents online and/or table of contents/abstracts
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Oceanography, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Lists of newsgroups, mailing lists, electronic publications, societies, conferences and a subject index
Marine and Coastal Project, Tufts University, USA
Links to multilateral treaties, conventions, agreements and protocols dealing with marine and coastal issues from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy's Multilaterals Project

 Multi-Government and Government/Academic Projects and Programmes

Multi-national scientific effort jointly with IOC and WMO to deploy sophisticated floats that descend every 10 days to a depth of 2000 feet, gather and transmit spatial and temporal data on ocean circulation, current velocity, climate, water salinity; improve calibration of the Jason altimeter mission; allow for development of a high-resolution ocean analysis and climate model
CORE - Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education
Education in oceanography; government policy reports and speeches; legislative initiatives
CSCAP - Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific
Comprised of some 20 leading academic centres and other research institutes specializing in Asia-Pacific security matters.  Has a Working Group on Maritime Cooperation which undertakes policy-oriented studies the latest being the CSCAP Memorandum on Cooperation for Law and Order at Sea.
International/interdisciplinary initiative concerned with all aspects of mid-ocean ridges designed to encourage scientific and logistical coordination, with particular focus on problems that cannot be addressed as efficiently by nations acting alone or in limited partnerships
  IOM - INTEROCEANMETAL Joint Organization
Intergovernmental organization with certifying states: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cuba, Poland, Russia, and Slovakia granted "Pioneer Investor" status by the International Seabed Authority for deep seabed mining in the international seabed Area
JASON Project
Case studies of mounting and conducting virtual in-depth expedition of ocean areas and environments in various parts of the globe; explores methodologies, creatures found, scientific apparatus; teaching resources
Joint Oceanographic Institutions Joint Oceanographic Institutions
Manages worldwide cooperative research programmes for the oceanographic community including the ocean drilling ship JOIDES Resolution for the Ocean Drilling Project; information on member institutions, programmes, publications
PROSUR   (PROgram for the study of regional climate variability, their prediction and impacts, in the mercoSUR area)
PROSUR is a Collaborative Research Network (CRN) to promote research into the causes of climate variability in the  Mercosur region of South America; scientists from the Mercosur countries (Argentina (CIMA), Brazil (CPTEC-INPE), Paraguay, and Uruguay) lead the effort, and scientists from the United States (NOAA/ERL/CDC)  also participate


Initiative to foster interdisciplinary scientific study of mid-ocean ridge processes; includes explanation for non-scientists
SIDS logo Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
Information on Small Island Developing States (SIDS), maps, documents, country profiles, conferences, projects, meetings, photos

TOPEX/Poseidon is a French/U.S. project which measures the precise shape of the ocean's surface; underwater mountains and valleys result in different gravitational pulls on the ocean so the shape of the sea surface reflects the seafloor bathymetry; a component of climate change analyses, ocean circulation; follow-on will be project Jason-1
NeMO logo Vents Program (Deep Sea Vents)
Ongoing and real-time studies of submarine volcanoes and hydrothermal venting on global ocean; near real time images and data; modeling animations of vent processes
JASON Project
Case studies of mounting and conducting virtual in-depth expedition of ocean areas and environments in various parts of the globe; explores methodologies, creatures found, scientific apparatus; teaching resources


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