915 RECORD TYPE (NR) - Local

A two-character code that identifies the type of entry. Required.

In general, if a UN body is a member of a joint body or conference that includes non-UN members, treat the entry as UN, i.e. enter the code  UC or UM in field 915. Also, if a conference is held under UN auspices, treat the entry as a UN conference (UM) even when organized or hosted by
a non-UN body.

Use the code CN for UN specialized agencies.

CN name of corporate body  
MN name of conference  
PN name of person  
SR series title  
TI uniform title  
UC name of UN corporate body  
UM name of UN conference  
US UN series title  
UT UN uniform title  

Subfield Codes

$a - Record type (NR)


110 2 _ $a Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
915       $a UC
[Intergovernmental body established by WMO and UNEP.]

111 2 _ $a Conference and Workshop "Air Pollution and Climate Change : Developing a Framework for Integrated Co-Benefits Strategies" (2008 : Stockholm)
915       $a UM

[Organized under the auspices of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution and UNEP in consultation with UNFCCC Secretariat.]

110 2 _ $a Norske Nobelinstitutt
915       $a CN

111 2 _ $a Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (30th : 2003 : Tehran)
915       $a MN

100 1 _ $a Mimura, Noriko
915       $a PN

130 _ 0 $a Bradford arms register studies
915       $a SR

130 _ 0 $a European Agreement Supplementing the 1968 Convention on Road Traffic (1971)
915       $a TI

110 2 _ $a World Food Programme. Executive Board
915       $a UC

111 2 _ $a UN Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific
915       $a UM

130 _ 0 $a United Nations blue books series
915       $a US

130 _ 0 $a UN Convention against Corruption (2003)
915       $a UT

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