General information about a 1XX heading for which a specialized note field has not been defined. The note is written in a form adequate for public display. By customary practice familiar words are abbreviated, e.g., 'est.' for 'established'; 'org.' for 'organization'/'organized', etc. Do not place a period at the end of this field unless it ends with an abbreviation, initial, etc.

Subfield Codes

$i - Explanatory text (R).


111 2 _ $a Expert Workshop on Best Practices to Combat Impunity (2003 : Geneva)
680 $i Org. by UN Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights
[Identifies sponsor of meeting.]

110 2 _ $a Global Facilitation Partnership for Transportation and Trade
680 $i IBRD initiative
[Identifies originator of programme.]

130 _ 0 $a Intergovernmental Agreement on the Asian Highway Network (2003)
680 $i Text adopted by Intergovernmental Meeting 17-18 Nov. 2003, Bangkok; opened for signature 26 Apr. 2004 at ESCAP 60th sess., Shanghai, China
[The established heading previously had «Proposed» as qualifier and was updated to reflect change in status of the agreement.]

110 2 _ $a Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization (Proposed)
680 $i Preparatory Commission will cease to exist and CTBTO will be established once the 1996 CTB Treaty has entered into force (180 days after ratification by 44 of the Annex 2 States) and following the 1st Conference of the States Parties
[Provides clarification of status of organization.]

110 2 _ $a UN. Commission on Human Rights. Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, especially in Women and Children
680 $i Mandated by Commission on Human Rights decision 2004/110 adopted 19 Apr. 2004

680 $i Mandate assumed by the Human Rights Council as of 19 June 2006 

110 2 _ $a Intergovernmental Authority on Development. Facilitation Committee
680 $i IGAD Technical Committee was renamed «Facilitation Committee», with expanded membership, at 10th IGAD Summit, Oct. 2003

130 _ 0 $a Havana Declaration (2003)
680 $i Outcome of 18th regular sess. of General Conference of the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America (OPANAL), 5-6 Nov. 2003

110 2 _ $a UN Development Group. Executive Committee
680 $i The UNDG Executive Committee comprises the four funds and programmes that report directly to the SG, viz., UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and WFP, while the «full» UNDG is much larger

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