The series numbering example that is to be followed in the sequential designation portion of a series added entry tracing in bibliographic records for individual issues of the series named in the 1XX field of an established heading record for a series.

Do not construe the date of publication, distribution, etc., as constituting a part of the series numbering. If a number consists of a full or partial indication of a year and a sequential number within that year and the year does not appear first, rearrange the number in the series tracing so that the year appears first and record this format in field 642.

in source:1/2004
series statement:1/2004
series tracing: 2004/1
642 $a 2004/1

Subfield Codes

$a - Series numbering example (NR)


642 $a 98/4

642 $a 30

642 $a no 15

642 $a 2003, no. 1

642 $a v. 3, no. 4

642 $a Bd. 6

642 $a n.F., Nr. 237

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