Required for records with bibliographic level b (000 position 07 = b), i.e. required for a record for a periodical article which is contained in an issue of a periodical and analyzed as a separate bibliographic record. For analyzed articles contained in a monograph, use field 580 and bibliographic level a.

The 773 field specifies the precise location within the periodical issue in which the article may be found. The following information is recorded in standardized form: Title of host periodical; volume, number and date of the issue; document symbol; pages on which the article is found; presence of tables or other physical description.

Use the standardized punctuation shown in the examples below.


773 0_ $a Transnational corporations. - 11(1) Apr. 2002 ([TD/]UNCTAD/ITE/IIT/29(Vol.11,No.1)) : 1-28 : tables

773 0_ $a Voices from Africa. - No. 9 Dec. 2000 ([TD/]UNCTAD/NGLS/164) : 43-53

773 0_ $a Global governance : a review of multilateralism and international organizations 8(4) Oct.-Dec. 2002 : 483-502

Note that for UN documents, analyzed periodical articles are unsymbolled (i.e. tag 191 $a contains the value ***).  

If the host item has a Library Call Number (099 $c), the call number is recorded in 099 $c of the analytic record. It is not recorded in field 773.

If the host item has a UN Document Symbol (191 $a), the document symbol of the host item should be recorded in field 773, as shown in the first two examples above.

The document symbol may be recorded in 099 $c of the analytic record if there is no call number.

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