Required except for analytic records (LDR position 7 = a or b) and for serial records (LDR position 7 = s).
The description is recorded in accordance with AACR 2 rules.

The number of pages, volumes, items, etc. of the described entity is recorded in subfield $a. Each sequence of numbering is recorded as it appears on the item. When the number of pages does not appear on the item, it is either counted and recorded between square brackets or recorded as «1 v.»


300 $a xxv, 136, [15] p.
[Last group of paging is not printed on the item]
300 $a [25] p.
[Paging is not printed on the item; indexer counts the pages]
300 $a [1] p.
[Page number is not printed on the item]
300 $a 1 pamphlet (5 p.)
300 $a 1 videocassette (24 min.)
300 $a 1 sound disc (30 min.)
300 $a 1 CD-ROM
300 $a 1 v. (unpaged)
300 $a 1 v. (various pagings)
300 $a 2 v. (loose-leaf)
300 $a 1 folded sheet
300 $a 143 p., [2] leaves of plates
300 $a 12 items
300 $a 1 portfolio
300 $a 3 maps on 1 folded sheet
300 $a xiv, 154, xvi, 164 p.
[500 $a English and French texts inverted, paged in opposite directions]

Only terms authorized by AACR2 should be used in subfield 300 $a. Other terms to describe the item may be recorded in a general note.

300 $a 46 p.
500 $a Booklet.

Descriptive details are recorded in subfield $b. In describing UN documents and publications, use the abbreviation «ill.» in subfield $b for illustrations (photographs, diagrams, etc.) unless the illustrations are one or more of the following types: charts, forms, graphs, maps, tables, in which case those specific terms are used. Use the term «graphs» to designate pie charts and use the term «charts» to designate flow charts, organizational charts, etc.

Disregard illustrated title pages and minor illustrations. The abbreviation «ill.» precedes all other details. Descriptive terms following «ill.» are recorded in alphabetical order (see the first example below).

For UN documents, subfield $c is normally not used; however, it may optionally be used to record dimensions of non-standard formats, in accordance with AACR2 rules.

Accompanying material is recorded in subfield $e. If accompanying material is in a pocket inside the cover of the item, add the location in a note.

300 $a xxxiii, 446 p. : $b ill., charts, forms, graphs, maps, tables
300 $a 15 p. : $b chiefly tables
300 $a 21 p. : $b ill. (some col.), maps
300 $a 1 v. (various pagings) : $b ill. (chiefly col.)
300 $a ii, 50 p. : $b chiefly maps
300 $a vi, 315 p. : $b graphs, tables + $e 1 computer disk
300 $a 5 v. : + $e 1 map (in pocket)
300 $a 271 p. : $b ill. + $e 1 atlas (37 p. : col. maps)
300 $a 1 videocassette (55 min.) + $e 1 booklet
300 $a 2 CD-ROMs + $e 1 instruction manual (55 p.)
300 $a 167 p. : $b col. ill. ; $c 16 x 23 cm.

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