Authority-controlled field.

Field 111 is used for non-UN publications only.

For UN documents, see guidelines for tag 711.

When a work consits primarily of the report or proceedings of a conference, meeting, workshop, seminar, etc., the authority-controlled conference name, as found in the UNBIS Name Authority Files, is entered fully in tag 111 $a.

If an UNBIS authority record for a conference name does not exist, a new authority record is created.

The number (if applicable), year(s) and place(s) of the meeting are enclosed within parentheses after the conference name in subfield $a.

When a work consists of papers presented at a conference or of text issued under the responsibility of the conference, the name of the conference is recorded in tag 711.

For works about conferences, tag 611 is used.


111 2_ $a International Symposium "Development Strategies toward the 21st Century : the Experiences and Perspectives of Developing Economies under Globalization" (2002 : Makuhari, Japan)
245 10 $a Development strategies toward the 21st century : $b the experiences and perspectives of developing economies under globalization : papers and proceedings of the international symposium, held on January 30, 2002 at Makuhari, Japan / $c edited by Ippei Yamazawa and Naoko Amakawa

111 2_ $a Seminar "Tourism : a Catalyst for Development in Africa" (2002 : Abuja)
245 10 $a Tourism : $b a catalyst for sustainable development, Abuja, Nigeria, 26-27 April 2002 = Le tourisme : catalyseur de développement durable en Afrique, Abuja, Nigeria, 26-27 avril 2002

111 2_ $a Bergen Seminar on Development (2nd : 1999 : Bergen, Norway)
245 10 $a Making South-North organisational cooperation an effective instrument for institution building : $b full report / $c edited by Arve Ofstad


245 10 $a Asia-Pacific and Africa : $b realising economic potential / $c edited by Greg Mills and Garth Shelton
500 $a "This publication is a compilation of papers presented at a seminar entitled 'The Asia-Pacific and Africa : Realising Economic Potential', held at Jan Smuts House, Johannesburg in 2002"--Introduction and acknowledgements.
711 2_ $a Seminar "The Asia-Pacific and Africa : Realising Economic Potential" (2002 : Johannesburg, South Africa)


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