Authority-controlled field.

Field 100 is used for non-UN publications only.

For UN documents, see guidelines for tag 700.

When an individual is identified as having primary responsibility for a work (author or first-named author in the statement of responsibility - 245 $c), the authority-controlled name as found in the UNBIS Name Authority File is entered fully in 100 $a.

If an UNBIS authority record for a personal name does not exist, a new authority record is created.

When there is more than one author, the name of the first author is recorded in 100 and the names of up to two additional authors in separate 700 tags. The names of other individuals associated with the work (principally, editors or compliers) are recorded in 700. In recording multiple 700 tags, follow the order in which they appear in the statement of responsibility. If the name of an individual significantly associated with a work appears on title page verso or elsewhere in the publication, that name should be recorded in tag 700 and also, enclosed in square brackets, included in the statement of responsibility.

For works about an individual, tag 600 is used.


100 1 _ $a Olcott, Martha Brill
245 1 0 $a Central Asia's new states : $b independence, foreign policy, and regional security / $c by Martha Brill Olcott

100 1 _ $a Abel-Smith, Brian
245 1 2 $a L'organisation, le financement et le coűt des soins de santé dans la Communauté européenne / $c par Brian Abel-Smith, Alan Maynard
700 1 _ $a Maynard, Alan

100 1 _ $a Romero Rodríguez, José J.
245 1 0 $a Siete claves para comprender el proceso de construcción Europea / $c José J. Romero Rodriguez, Pedro Caldentey del Pozo y María Luz Ortega Carpio
700 1 _ $a Ortega Carpio, Ma. Luz (María Luz)
700 1 _ $a Caldentey del Pozo, Pedro

100 1 _ $a Abu-Dawood, Abdul-Razzak S.
245 1 0 $a International boundaries of Saudi Arabia / $c Abdul-Razzak S. Abu-Dawood and P.P. Karan ; cartography, Gyula Pauer
700 1 _ $a Karan, Pradyumna P. (Pradyumna Prasad)
700 1 _ $a Pauer, Gyula

100 1 _ $a Dörmann, Knut
245 1 0 $a Elements of war crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court : $b sources and commentary / $c Knut Dörmann ; with contributions by Louise Doswald-Beck and Robert Kolb
700 1 _ $a Doswald-Beck, Louise
700 1 _ $a Kolb, Robert

100 1 _ $a Joseph, Sarah
245 1 4 $a The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights : $b cases, materials, and commentary / $c Sarah Joseph, Jenny Schultz, and Melissa Castan; foreword by Elizabeth Evatt
700 1 _ $a Schultz, Jenny
700 1 _ $a Castan, Melissa
700 1 _ $a Evatt, Elizabeth


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