089 CONTENT CODE - Local

Required field.

3-character code selected from the List of UNBIS Content Code designating the type of document or publication, or specific kinds of material contained in a document or publication.

See CODES for the UNBIS Content Code used in field 089.

Enter the applicable Content Code in 089 subfield $b. Subfield $a is system-generated and should not be added manually. If more than one Content Code is applicable, each should be added as a separate 089 tag.

In case of a corrigendum to a document, assign Content Code B19 in addition to the Content Codes present on the main document.

In case of an addendum to a document, assign the main Content Code of the main document as well as any Codes applicable to the addendum.


089 $b B18
089 $b A20
[letter from a Government transmitting text of a declaration]

089 $b B01
089 $b A19
[adopted UN resolution which contains text of a treaty in an annex]

089 $b B15
[letter by the Secretary-General]

089 $b B15
089 $b B16
[report of the Secretary-General]

089 $b B04
089 $b B10
089 $b A03
089 $b A08
[sessional report of a UN body which contains terms of reference of a new body, a calendar of meetings and a programme of action]

089 $b A16
089 $b A01
089 $b B13
[a meeting report with chapters by different authors, issued as a UN sales publication]

089 $b B04
089 $b A17
089 $b A16
[addendum to a sessional report that includes draft text of a statute and the final act of a Conference]

089 $b B02
089 $b B19
[corrigendum to a draft resolution]

089 $b A10
[a document containing biographical data on candidates nominated for election to a UN body]

089 $b A21
245 10 $a Copying the US or developing a new European model : $b policy strategies of successful European countries in the 90s / $c Karl Aiginger
500 $a "Paper presented to the UNECE Spring Seminar 2004, Geneva".
700 1_ $a Aiginger, Karl
711 2_ $a Spring Seminar "Competitiveness and Economic Growth in the ECE Region" (2004 : Geneva)


In 1994, an overall review of content codes was done and some codes were discontinued. The following codes could be re-defined as necessary:

A02, A04, A11, A13, A18
C04, C05, C06, C07

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