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3-letter Classification Type (Designator) is entered in subfield $a, in capital letters. The specific Classification Code is entered in subfield $b.

In use (see CODES):


069 $a ACC $b 040
[Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) - used by DHL to produce special bibliographies] * Prior to Jan 1983, the code CBI was used.

069 $a ADM $b 11.02
[Administrative Issuances Classification - used by DHL]

069 $a ERL $b AFR
[Subject Classification Guide for Electronic Resources - used by DHL]

069 $a HUR $b 0309
[Human Rights Classification - used by UNOG]


APA - Centre Against Apartheid

CBI - Current Bibliographical Information

CTC - Transnational Corporations: a selective bibliography

JYB - UN Juridical Yearbook

PAL - Palestine Question: a selected bibliography

PAX - Peace Bibliography

PIL - Public International Law Bibliography

SAH - Western Sahara Bibliography

YOU - Youth Bibliography

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