For women in Nigeria's decision-making processes

UNDEF funds a project to increase involvement of women in Nigeria’s governance and democratic processes. A national network of women advocates from three generations lead a dialogue on new strategies for affirmative action and a new work plan for women’s empowerment. Community-based women’s organizations are trained to mobilize women across generations to join political parties and contest elections in a number of states across Nigeria. In the longer term, this project will contribute to increasing the proportion of women elected to political office. The initiative is implemented by the Centre for Human Development. At the project's 2012 Inter-Generational Dialogue on Women in Nigeria, the Minister for Women and Social Development, Hajiya Zainab Maina, said that for too long, Nigerian women’s participation in politics and decision-making had been dismal. She called for strategies that would politically empower women and establish a framework for gender responsiveness in all public and private sector policies and programmes.