UNDEF project kicks off school for democracy in Algeria's Bilda province

An UNDEF-funded project is being launched in Algeria to help consolidate democratic values and practices among young people in the northern province of Blida, with a particular focus on the rights of women and girls. The project agreement was signed on 21 December 2016 following negotiations among all stakeholders, including Algeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior, local government, the implementing local NGO Association Djazairouna, and the UN Development Programme office in Algiers.


The project, “École Blidéenne de la Démocratie” or 'A School for Democracy in Blida", will hold a series of activities to strengthen women's democratic participation and economic inclusion, while educating young people in democratic mechanisms, women’s rights and legal procedures to enforce these. A youth parliament, theatre, arts and formal sessions will engage young people in forming their own political parties, conduct debates and draft project laws. In parallel, young women will benefit from vocational training to support them in finding employment opportunities, with expert counselling to encourage their career path and local authorities ensuring women's entry in the workforce. In this way, the project promotes overall inclusion, a sense of citizenship, and resistance to extremism and jihadism.