UNDEF Morocco grantee awarded honorary doctorate in Ottawa

Moroccan UNDEF grantee Elarbi Imad, President and Executive Director of the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Ottawa in June 2012 for his work in creating knowledgeable, engaged global and community leaders through education. Founded by Mr. Imad in 2004, the Moroccan Center conducts civic education of young adults to engage them in informed dialogue about public policy; advocate for issues in which they believe; and influence political party platforms to address their needs and maximizing their roles in the electoral process. UNDEF funds a project implemented by the Center that taps into the political energy of Morocco’s youth and women, educating them as trainers in public and electoral affairs. The project includes workshops on human rights, electoral participation, laws governing elections, candidates’ education levels, the role of the media and schools. It trains new trainers by working with experts in civic education, representatives of civil society, academics and graduate students.