UNDEF Launches New Project in Russia working with Hearing-Impaired Youth

Sep 10, 2018


The project funded by UNDEF in its 11th funding round aims to develop the skills of young hearing-impaired people across the country by raising public awareness ,with the objective of increasing their employability in the job market and acceptance in society. Through this intervention, UNDEF and the Organization of the Deaf Youth Success aim to give hearing impaired youth in the Russian Federation increased opportunities of participation, independence, and access to decent standards of living. The official launch of the project took place at the Headquarters of the UN Information Centre in Moscow on 10th July. In addressing the project’s objectives the President of the International Deaf Skills Association, Lydia Frolova, in her speech stressed on the importance of creating the conditions for inclusive secondary and higher education allowing hearing impaired young people to demonstrate their capabilities   in achieving self-realization within society.

In support of the above mentioned objectives this project focused on providing training workshops to educational experts and teaching staff, developing and organizing vocational education training programmes adapted for hearing impaired people, as well as working with media in advocating for young hearing-impaired people. Moreover the implementing agency will run a Deaflympics – a series of competitions to test the professional skills of young hearing-impaired people in different vocational areas. The Deaflympics will be attended by businesses and the public in order to raise awareness and assist young hearing-impaired people in obtaining the best vocational education and providing them with suitable employment opportunities.


Warning: False representation of UNDEF has been circulating in various forms. UNDEF does not approach unknown applicants and does not ask for payments.