Mexico projects defend domestic workers, disappeared, women with disabilities

An UNDEF project in Mexico works to ensure access to social security for 2.2 million domestic workers who have previously been denied labour rights. It builds on Mexico’s current legal reforms following the Government’s pilot programme in 2019 to register domestic workers in the country’s mandatory social security system, giving them access to social security and healthcare benefits. The project works through training, collective organization, campaigning, and building a network of alliances with strategic actors in 25 municipalities, to ensure domestic workers are enrolled.  Implemented by Nosotrxs, the project also offers guidance on the rights of domestic workers who face insecure employment during the pandemic, or need better information on coronavirus precautions. A video one domestic worker’s experience with the project is available here.

UNDEF Project Officer Jaime Palacios visited the project in November 2021 to meet with stakeholders and beneficiaries, as well as two other UNDEF Mexico projects, including an initiative working for prevention and response mechanisms against gender-based enforced disappearances. Implemented by the Centro de Investigaciones para la Equidad, Política Pública y Desarrollo, the project is establishing a system to document and monitor cases; advocate for mechanisms to prevent disappearances; support families in the search for victims; and work for laws that clearly define and criminalize gender-based enforced disappearance in Mexican states lacking such legislation. 

Another project, currently under development, will work to strengthen the political participation and leadership of women with disabilities in developing a national disability strategy for Mexico. Implemented by Documenta, the project plans to build the capacity of women with disabilities to advocate and dialogue with public institutions, and to help design and implement regulatory frameworks and public policies ensuring the rights of women and girls to a life free of discrimination and violence.