Expanding public policy dialogue in North Africa

UNDEF funds a new project in Libya, Morocco and Tunisia to engage youth and civil society in public policy dialogue. It works through more than 200 local public policy programmes, training trainers and producing learning materials under the Project Citizen curriculum, developed in a successful earlier UNDEF-funded project in Morocco. The curriculum helps youth and civil society groups analyze public policy analysis and hold informed policy dialogue with decision-makers and community leaders. Local, national and regional conferences will be held to showcase the best public policy proposals. The initiative, implemented by the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, will create a regional network of policy advocates, and use social media tools to share information and project ideas throughout North Africa.

The project's opening ceremony in Rabat featured a keynote speech by El Habib Choubani, Morocco's Minister for Civil Society and Parliamentary Relations, It was covered by Morocco's national television channel.