Building local citizenship for women and youth in Mexico

In the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí, UNDEF funds a project to build civic participation to promote democracy and human rights, with an emphasis on youth, women and civil society.

The project works to establish observatories for youth and women’s rights; draft and lobby in State Congress for legislation to develop youth and civil society activities; hold a state forum for building a citizenship agenda; conduct workshops to generate and strengthen citizenship capacity; publish a handbook on participatory citizenship; publish a diagnosis of youth to elaborate legislative state framework; and hold a state forum for women’s rights open to academics, civil society, the Commission of Human Rights and Gender Equity of the State Congress and others.

Mikiko Sawanishi, UNDEF Deputy Executive Head for Programmes, visited the initiative in April 2012 to meet with local leaders, exchange best practices and monitor project activities, which are implemented by the local civil society organization Educación y  Ciudadania.