How to Apply-Online Project Proposal System (OPPS) and Technical Problems with the Online Project Proposal System (OPPA)

Application FAQs Page. 

What is the online project proposal system (OPPS)?

The Online Project Proposal System (OPPS) is a system that allows applicants to submit their applications to UNDEF electronically. The OPPS can be accessed at through the UNDEF website. Each session will automatically log applicants out after 1 hour and 45 minutes. We advise applicants to work offline with the blank project proposal form before entering information on the system. 

In which language can I submit my proposal?

Proposals must be in either English or French, the two working languages of the United Nations. 

What are the Dos & Don'ts of the OPPS?

Please note:

(i) Length: The fields can accommodate only a limited number of characters. If you go over the character limit, your text will be truncated. This greatly affects the quality of your proposal. Therefore, please present your project information in a concise and clear manner, and ensure that you do not go over the limit.

(ii) All the fields with red bars are compulsory.

(iii) Budget: Please ensure that programme support costs (salary, rent, utilities, equipment etc.) are modest (see section 5.8 of the guidelines for further details).
Please ensure the total requested in the budget by output/activity and the budget by item match, and they correspond to the total requested grant amount in section 2 of the form.

(iv) Timeline: Please note that, if approved, your project will not commence until September 2014 at the earliest. Therefore, projects with activities that need to commence earlier than this will not be considered.

(v) Geographic scope: Please be as specific as possible on the geographic scope of the project to give a clear idea of the project scale.

For more information, please see UNDEF Project Proposal Guidelines.

How can I access a saved (but not yet submitted) project proposal?

The information needed to access your profile as well as your application can be found in the email confirming your registration. Please use this information to log in here

How can I ensure that my proposal has been submitted?

Your application is submitted to UNDEF once you click the "submit" button at the end of the form. You will receive a confirmation email soon after submitting your application. This email will contain your application receipt number. Should you not receive the confirmation email within 48 hours, contact us at

You cannot edit an application once it has been submitted. You will be able to view your submitted application only while the application period is open (20 November - 20 December 2017. For this reason, UNDEF recommends you keep a copy of your project application. UNDEF will not send submitted applications back to applicants.

Can I submit my proposal by mail, email or fax?

No, proposals can only be submitted on-line through our On-line Project Proposal System (OPPS). Proposals submitted by email, mail, fax or any other channel will not be considered. 

Can I submit additional documents to strengthen my proposal?

All information which is necessary to assess your project proposal is required in the on-line project proposal system. Please do not send any further documents or information to UNDEF as they will not be taken into consideration. 

How can I view my submitted project proposal?

Once your proposal has been submitted, you will be assigned a receipt number which will be sent to you in the email acknowledging receipt of submission of your proposal. You can use this information to view your submitted proposal.
Please note that you cannot edit a proposal, once it has been submitted. Also, you will be able to view your submitted proposal only while the proposal period is open. For this reason, UNDEF recommends you also keep a copy of your project proposal. UNDEF is unable to send submitted proposals back to applicants. 

What can I do if I lose my log-in details?

Click on the link here and enter your e-mail address and your log-in will be sent to you.

What can I do if I cannot access the OPPS?

Please check if you can access other web pages, as there may be a problem with your internet connection. If other pages are not working, please contact your internet provider or the system administrator to determine the problem. If other pages are working, try to access OPPS through Google Chrome.

Why can't I submit my proposal?

Kindly ensure the following:

(i) That you have completed all required fields (see fields with a red bar)
(ii) That the written text provided did not exceed the maximum number of characters allotted
(iii) Ensure that the figure listed in Section 2 "Requested Grant Amount" is identical to the total sum of the amounts provided in Section 5 "UNDEF Funded Budget by Output" and "UNDEF Funded Budget by Input".

Kindly also verify that the problem is not related to your computer. Please ensure you are accessing the OPPS in Google Chrome.

In addition you can try to reboot your computer and test your internet connection is stable.

If I have a technical problem, can I contact UNDEF?

UNDEF has very limited capacity to assist with OPPS.

Please kindly ensure that you first try all the recommendations given under "Why can't I submit my proposal?"

 However, if all else fails you can send an e-mail

(i) Kindly provide a detailed description of the problem
(ii) Inform us in what browser you are working (OPPS is most stable on Google Chrome)
(iii) Write down all the information on the screen, including pop-up blockers
(iv) If possible include a print screen of the problem faced. (press ALT and Print Screen)

The more detailed your inquiry is the greater likelihood it can be addressed by UNDEF in a timely manner. 

My email address has been refused and I have tried several times. Would you have any idea how to avoid that?

Click the "Can't access yoru account?" to reset the password. If the email address does not recover a password then create a new generic email address (such as @gmail or @yahoo) for the proposal.