24 March 2017

Univocally condemning unlawful destruction and pillaging of cultural heritage, the United Nations Security Council adopted an historic resolution that is expected to strengthen protections for such heritage during armed conflicts.

09 March 2017

Highlighting the multifaceted nature of the crisis in Africa's Lake Chad Basin, the deputy United Nations chief underlined the need for a holistic approach.

04 March 2017

The United Nations Security Council conducts a four-country visit “to shine a spotlight” on the ongoing humanitarian challenges in the Lake Chad Basin region and draw international attention to the plight of about 11 million people.

22 February 2017

Multilateral cooperation is the only way to achieve peace, security and stability, and there is no alternative to it, Austria’s Foreign Minister told the United Nations Security Council

13 February 2017

United Nations Security Council today underlined the need for international collaboration – both domestically and across borders – to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure against the backdrop of increasingly

07 February 2017

The terrorist group is on the defensive militarily in several regions, but is also adapting to military pressure by resorting to covert communications such as the ‘dark web.

20 January 2017

Strongly condemning all terrorist attacks in West Africa, particularly those carried out by Boko Haram militants in the Lake Chad Basin, the United Nations Security Council stressed the need to combat terrorism and to address the conditions

15 December 2016

The United Nations Security Council calls on all countries to establish national controls to prevent proliferation of such weapons as well as their means of delivery.

14 December 2016

A growing number of United Nations Member States are assessing specific terrorist financing risks and the vulnerability of their financial and economic sectors to terrorist financing.

01 December 2016

Exploitation of the Internet and social media for terrorist purposes can only be defeated through active participation and collaboration of Member States, international and regional organizations, civil society, and the private sector.