Youth Engagement

The Centre is engaged in a number of initiatives related to youth engagement:

Project on Preventing Violent Extremism through Youth Empowerment in Jordan, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. This project aims at enabling young women and men to become responsible citizens, resilient to any form of abuse or manipulation, including radicalization and violent extremism, and to mobilize critical thinking to counter radicalization and recruitment.

Project on Promoting Dialogue, Tolerance and Openness through Media to Counter Narratives associated with Terrorism in the Arab Region in collaboration with UNESCO and the League of Arab States (LAS) -  This project aims to foster media and information literacy among youth, develop advocacy campaigns, and improve journalistic standards, knowledge and awareness among media professionals, to ensure responsible reporting that prevents the inadvertent spread of extremism and promotes tolerance and diversity in society. Through a more critical analysis of media information and increased tolerance, we hope to increase resilience of youth communities against radicalization and hate speech.

Capacity-Building Project for Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) Institutes in Pakistan and Bangladesh - More than 370 principals of TVET institutes have been trained on effective skills development, job placement, civil engagement, tolerance and inclusion so that their institutes can produce young adults who can secure a livelihood to support their families and grow resilient against the threat of recruitment by terrorists and violent extremists.  UNCCT is partnering with the International Labour Organization (ILO) and national agencies in this effort. The Centre is also planning to expand vocational training and other youth-focused programming in other countries of South and Southeast Asia as well as countries in MENA region.

Partnerships with youth-focused NGOs, such as Silatech in Qatar, are aimed at channeling expertise, e-platforms and resources in employability growth and entrepreneurship to interested Member States beyond the Arab region, where Silatech is already active. Through these platforms, UNOCT aims to enhance national and local efforts on connecting young people to meaningful jobs, vocational training and entrepreneurship opportunities, thereby strengthening their resilience against violent extremism and radicalization.

UNCCT is the capacity-building part of the United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism (UNOCT), which is headed by the Under-Secretary-General for Counter-Terrorism, Mr. Vladimir Voronkov, who is also UNCCT’s Executive Director.