Conditions Conducive to the Spread of Terrorism


This Working Group derives its mandate from Pillar I of the Global Strategy, in which Member States committed themselves to addressing conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism by undertaking and supporting activities to help prevent radicalization, violent extremism and ultimately terrorism. Pillar I also commits Member States to prevent and resolve conflicts and to make best possible use of the UN’s capacities in this area.


 The objectives of the CTITF Working Group on Conditions Conducive are  (i) to coordinate and enhance the UN’s role in addressing conditions that are conducive to spread of  terrorism as set out in the Pillar I; (ii) to focus on issues pertaining to countering the appeal of terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), and providing capacity-building assistance in all those areas to requesting Member States; (iii) to focus on supporting/undertaking assessments to identify context-specific driving factors of radicalization and violent extremism as well as capacities and opportunities for preventative measures, subsequently promoting local, national, regional and international conflict prevention and resolution activities, especially where violent extremism and terrorism are, or likely to be, factors in fueling conflict.  The Working Group members are expected to share information about activities/projects in the above and related areas; and seek to coordinate and pool resources wherever possible. The Working Group also ensures that obligations under international norms of human rights and rule of law are observed while carrying out its activities. It encourages non-governmental organizations and civil society to engage. It also tries to integrate a gender perspective in all its areas of work.