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International Youth Day: Interview with Climate Activist Nicole Becker

When Argentinian climate activist and UNICEF Youth Advocate, Nicole Becker, learned that the climate crisis was one of the greatest threats to justice and human rights, she was determined to make some important changes in her life, and for her community and country. Watch her Voices of Change interview where she talks about the importance of turning “that anger into collective action.”

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Archana Soreng: Our voice matters

Archana Soreng, a climate activist, belongs to the Khadia tribe in Odisha, India. Indigenous communities like hers make up only 5 percent of the world’s population. But they protect more than 20 percent of our planet’s land and 80 percent of its biodiversity. Young indigenous people “should be the leaders of climate actions, not victims of climate policies,” says Archana.

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Hindou Ibrahim: Living in harmony with nature

“As indigenous peoples, we say, we are not different than the rest of the species, we are only one species of nature,” SDG Advocate and Indigenous Rights Activist Hindou Ibrahim talks about the importance of living in harmony with nature. “That's why living in harmony - it's respecting each other and trying to keep the balance without harming the rest of the species.”

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We want to hear from you

The UN Expert Group on Net-Zero Emissions Commitments has launched a new portal seeking views from individuals and groups on how to improve the credibility of net-zero commitments among businesses, investors, cities, regions, and other non-state entities.

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Climate justice for persons with disabilities

In Africa, the burden of climate change falls heavily on the shoulders of women, children, and persons with disabilities. Unfortunately, climate change negotiators and policymakers tend to overlook persons with disabilities more than any other demographic, says Nancy Marangu from the Chemichemi Foundation.

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We are still addicted to fossil fuels. For the health of our societies and planet, we need to quit. Now."

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A Conversation with Catherine McKenna

We need to get our act together to tackle the biggest challenge that we face – says Catherine McKenna, the chair of the UN Secretary-General’s Expert Group on Net-zero Commitments, highlighting the critical need for credible and accountable pledges that can lead to concrete and immediate emission cuts.

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Show the world what climate action looks like

Starting this Earth Day, join #MyClimateAction - a special photo and video competition by Agora in support of the UN’s ActNow campaign to showcase creative actions and solutions, and inspire others!

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Climate Action in the Shadow of War

"The war is affecting the sustainable development of every single country in our region” - in the latest episode of Awake at Night, Vladislav Kaim, the UN Secretary-General’s youth advisor on climate change, discusses the impacts of the war in Ukraine on climate action. Read more.

Posters for Climate Action

Illustration of the Earth melting

Reaching net-zero

What is net zero, why is it important, and how can it be achieved?

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Net-zero expert group

Meet experts ensuring ambitious and credible net-zero commitments

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Powering a safer future

Why shift to renewables like wind and solar? Find out here.

Latest News

Fish farming: Bob Brewer/Unsplash

Palau: Fish Farming goes Green

Palau chooses aquaculture: a way to protect fish stocks while also safeguarding fishers’ livelihoods and the marine biodiversity that underpins coastal tourism. 

Tunisia: Climate Action

In a world where men still dominate industrial activities, Imen Jabli, a young engineer, proves that thanks to her skills and ambition, a woman can not only lead a successful business, but can also have a positive impact on her environment and promote sustainable development. 

Mexico: Cities go more sustainable

The large metropolitan area of Guadalajara chooses sustainability promoting low-emission public transport, wastewater treatment and renewable energy. 


Africa Climate Week 2022

The regional climate week brings together African stakeholders from different sectors of society for solution-oriented dialogues and to foster meaningful partnerships for climate action, including on the resilience against climate risks and the transition to a low-emission economy.

77th Session of the UN General Assembly

The 77th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 77) will open on Tuesday, 13 September 2022. The first day of the high-level General Debate will be Tuesday, 20 September 2022.

UN Climate Change Conference (COP27)

The annual UN Climate Change Conference advances the global climate talks, mobilizes action, and can provide a significant opportunity to look at the impacts of climate change as well as innovation and solutions in Africa. 

Climate action starting now

Everyone has a role in climate action. At the United Nations, we are calling on people everywhere to work together to solve climate challenges and realize the commitments of the 2015 Paris Agreement. This website keeps up with actions taken by governments, businesses, civil society, youth and more in every part of the world.

It’s our planet, and while we know it is in crisis, we also know that solutions are in reach. Progress is already well underway, from more green energy to more secure food supplies. And the benefits are clear as well, such as green jobs, clean air and sounder economies. A more sustainable, prosperous world is in reach. Join us in taking action to claim it, starting now.


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