Empowering Nigerian women to participate in the 2011 Nigerian elections


The above slide show contains images of a rally to empower Nigerian women to participate in the 2011 Nigerian elections. The nonpartisan event was sponsored by Projekthope, a civil society organization on 16 October 2010 in Oyo state. The featured speaker was Ms. Hafsat Abiola-Costello, the daughter of Moshood Abiola, the winner of the Nigerian presidential election of 1993. The Nigerian military seized power and annulled the election before Mr. Abiola could be inaugurated. He was imprisoned and later died in custody. Ms. Abiola was active in Nigeria's pro-democracy movement while in exile during the period of military rule and continues to promote human rights, democracy and women's political empowerment in Nigeria.

– Photos by Steve Aborisade at Projekthope

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