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Minister for Health, Dr. Dorothy Gwajima, together with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Liberata M

Tanzania receives first COVID-19 vaccine batch

Over 1 million Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses arrived on Saturday from the US.
A smallholder avocado farmers in Tanzania's Southern Highlands. Photo credit: USAID Tanzania
Economic Development

The rising star of Tanzanian horticulture

As more farmers in Tanzania turn towards Avocado production, EU-EAC MARKUP helps boost regional trade and the export capacity of horticultural products in Tanzania.

Security for the highest bidder

Shoddy policing for the many, costly private protection for the few

Is Africa’s land up for grabs?

Foreign acquisitions: some opportunities, but many see threats
Cover Story

Mining to profit Africa’s people

Governments bargain for “fair deals” that enhance development

Africa’s partners must ‘walk the talk’

UN General Assembly urges donors to fulfill their promises
NEPAD in action

Water betters lives in Tanzania

Access to clean water critical to NEPAD development goals
Health Campaign