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Alaa Salah, Civil Society Activist and Community Leader from Sudan
Women’s empowerment

Women lead in Sudan’s clamour for good governance

From leading the protests to pushing for lasting change, women are at the forefront.
A woman tends to saplings in the tree nursery in Al Jabalain, Sudan.
Climate Change

Restoring Sudan’s forest cover, one tree at a time

Refugees and their hosts together plant one million trees in a massive reforestation drive in Sudan’s White Nile State.
Sudan referendum, A. Coseac for UNHCR

Sudan: The long journey home

Thousands of Southern Sudanese in the North trek home to vote in the 2011 independence referendum

Africa’s displaced people: out of the shadows

African Union convention breaks new ground, but challenges await

Pursuit of justice or Western plot?

International indictments stir angry debate in Africa

Darfur facing even greater horror

With Sudan crisis sharpening, UN sees no time for “half measures”

Preventing genocide: from rhetoric to action

UN Special Adviser urges firm measures against Darfur slaughter