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Wide view of Abuja, Nigeria, early evening.
Economic Development

UN Global Compact launches new hub for Africa

Abuja Hub will mobilize, accelerate and scale-up responsible business across Africa
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Parrotfish in seagrass, in the waters off Zanzibar, Tanzania.
Sustainable Development Goals

Ocean Decade: Blue economy presents vast opportunities for Africa

From fishing to oil and gas, to tourism, the possibilities are immense
UNEP Executive Director Inger Andersen on podium speaking to UN Environment Assembly.

Beating plastic pollution

Historic day as countries commit to develop a legally binding agreement.
Woman working in irrigated field
Sustainable development

Kigali forum marks a new development era for Africa

The 8th African Regional Forum for Sustainable Development (ARFSD) will champion the continent as a destination of opportunity in line with the targets of SDGs.
Portrait de Mme Inger Andersen

Seeking an ambitious global action to curb plastic pollution

An interview with Ms. Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme.
Climate Change

Road to COP27: Voices of change

Young Africans speak up on climate action
Construction of Maseru Maqalika Water Intake System in Lesotho.
Economic Development

Africa can finance its development but needs a paradigm shift

From poverty management to a development management approach
Aerial view of the district of Plateau in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Photo: UN Photo/Basile Zoma
Focus on Cities

Abidjan regains its glamour

Spurred by Côte d’Ivoire’s current economic growth, the city is turning a corner
Lagos Island from Apogbon, overlooking Apapa Wharf Sea Port. Photo: Africa Media Online/Ademola Akinlabi
Focus on Cities

Lagos now wears a new look

City transforming from chaos of traffic congestion, rickety buses and pickpockets
An artist impression (in the background) of a forthcoming shopping and office complex. Photo: Panos/Sven Torfinn
Focus on Cities

Kigali sparkles on the hills

Rwandan government implements an ambitious development master plan
A model of the future Kigali City. An ambitious Kigali development master plan aims to turn the city into the ‘Singapore of Africa’. Panos/Sven Torfinn
Cover Story

Africa’s cities of the future

Proper planning key to sustainable cities