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Ambassador Valentine Rugwabiza
Human Rights

Rwanda at the UN: Vaccine equity, inclusion, peace, and gender equality top our priorities

— Ambassador Valentine Rugwabiza, Permanent Representative of Rwanda to the United Nations.
Jackline Urujeni from Rwanda, serving in South Sudan
Women in Peacekeeping

‘Women are effective in building peace and unity’

— Jackline Urujeni from Rwanda, serving in South Sudan
Three of the 39 women elected to Rwanda's legislature in September 2003. From left: Constance Rwaka, Solange Tuyisenge and Athanasie Gahondogo.

Women break into African politics

Quota systems allow more women to gain elected office
Secretary-General lays a wreath at a genocide site in Mwurire, Rwanda, during a 1998 visit.  Photo : ©United Nations / DPI

The world reflects on Rwanda genocide

Annan urges action to prevent future tragedies

Rwanda remembers

How private groups and government try to heal the wounds of genocide

Big dreams for Rwanda’s ICT sector

Success story is grabbing global attention

Rising from the ashes

Twenty years after genocide, Rwanda makes huge development strides
Web Feature

Rwanda genocide survivors struggle to rebuild their lives

Genocide can happen anywhere, says Jacqueline Murekatete, a survivor

To save the lives of mothers, infants

Commitment, money and innovation can reduce high mortality rates

Pursuit of justice or Western plot?

International indictments stir angry debate in Africa

Setting foreign fighters on the road home

Repatriation of ex-combatants vital to securing regional peace

Better health at the click of a button

Information technology helps Rwandan clinics reach out

Linking disarmament with justice

chieving peace should not mean ignoring past atrocities

Women push onto Africa’s agenda

NEPAD responds to advocates for women’s rights

Pledging peace at Great Lakes summit

In a region emerging from war, cooperation remains a challenge

Protecting civilians from genocide

Twelve years after the Rwanda slaughter, many challenges remain

Rwandan women: AIDS therapy beyond drugs

Food and hope are also essential to survival
Health Campaign