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Solar panels and wind turbines with blue sky in distance.

The world is burning. We need a renewables revolution

The only true path to energy security, stable power prices, prosperity and a livable planet lies in abandoning polluting fossil fuels and accelerating the renewables-based energy transition
Sustainable development

Global roadmap to sustainable energy by 2030

Major commitments will be announced at Ministerial Forums on 21-25 June to accelerate access and transition to clean energy by 2030
Solar home systems benefits a family in rural communities of Rwanda.
Climate Change

Push for renewables: How Africa is building a different energy pathway

Countries accelerate use of renewable energy and are leading energy transition efforts.

‘Green economy’: empty rhetoric or pathway to future?

At Rio summit, African delegates are skeptical of the benefits
Sustainable development

Full steam ahead to sustainable energy

Tapping geothermal power in Kenya’s Rift Valley
Sustainable development

Power from the wind in South Africa

Turbines generate hope for clean energy