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Lise Kingo (centre), Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact  at the UN Global Compact Board Meeting in New York, USA. Photo: UN Global Compact

Private sector’s role in implementing SDGs

UN Global Compact: Building networks with public-private partnerships worldwide
Henri Konan Bédié Bridge linking the north and south of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Photo: Bouygues Construction
Partnerships for Development

Partnerships at work in Africa

SDGs envisage that PPPs can promote sustainable development in Africa
Tristate Heart and Vascular Centre in Nigeria. Photo: Tristate Heart and Vascular Centre
Partnerships for Development

Philanthropists join forces to fund Africa’s cash-strapped health sector

Billionaires Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote come together to fund health care projects
BMW South Africa announces the production of its one-millionth BMW 3 Series sedan at its manufacturing plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria in South Africa. Photo: BMW Group
Partnerships for Development

Global companies give Africa a second look

South Africa hosts most of the top companies in Africa, but other countries are coming up
Henri Konan Bédié Bridge in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Photo: Bouygues Construction
Cover Story

Partnerships giving Africa a new look

Private sector working with governments to fund mega development projects
Health Campaign