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Africa, Aid Policy, governance, human rights, Refugees/IDPs, security

human rights

Africa, Central African Republic, elections, UN Peacekeepers

Africaת Great Lakes, human rights

Africa, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, human rights


human rights, LGBT rights, HIV-AIDS, Malawi

Africa, Peace & Security, governance

Africa, Guinea-Bissau, elections, governance

Africa, Libya, human rights

Africa, Burundi, human rights

HIV-AIDS, human rights, LGBT rights, disease, aid

Africa, human rights, Burundi

Africa, human rights, Nigeria

Africa, OHCHR, Kenya, human rights

Africa, UN, DRC, elections

Africa, conflict, security, governance

Africa, corruption

Africa, human rights

Africa, Tanzania, elections, peace, democracy

Somalia, Africa, Leadership, elections, security

corruption, crime

governance, elections, African Union, NEPAD, APRM

elections, Liberia, gender

gender, Policy, governance

Kenya, Congo, indigenous people, human rights

UN Global Compact, corruption

Africa, women, Activists, human rights

security, corruption, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania, Congo, Kenya

environment, human rights, development

elections, democracy, Kenya, ECOWAS, violence

discrimination, human rights, HIV-AIDS

elections, DRC, democracy

elections, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Sierra Leone, Mali, Zimbabwe, Madagascar

NEPAD, Africa, governance, peer review, APRM

youth, elections, Not Too Young to Run

elections, APRM

Africa, democracy, elections, poverty