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Alaa Salah, Civil Society Activist and Community Leader from Sudan
Women’s empowerment

Women lead in Sudan’s clamour for good governance

From leading the protests to pushing for lasting change, women are at the forefront.
A protester outside the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo: AP Photo/Denis Farrell
Cover Story

African democracy coming of age

Strong institutions: judiciary, media and civil society helping to strengthen leadership
Good Governance

Giving back to society

African philanthropists push for prosperity
Good Governance

Africa loses $50 billion every year

Interview with Nigerian Ambassador Segun Apata
Good Governance

Illicit Financial Flows from Africa: track it, stop it, get it

Illicit money outflows are draining Africa’s domestic resources, depriving it of crucial investment funds
Good Governance

Piracy in West Africa

A bumpy road to maritime security
Good Governance

The rise of civil society groups in Africa

These groups have become major actors in the fight against corruption
Good Governance

African Peer Review Mechanism comes of age

Countries embracing self-monitoring mechanism to shine light on domestic affairs
Health Campaign