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A farmer in Kenyan field.

Africa’s new harvest: To transform agriculture, we must speed up innovations and collaboration

The 32nd Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Africa being held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, starts from 11 to 14 April 2022
The most severe drought in decades has struck parts of Ethiopia, exacerbated by a particularly strong El Niño effect. This has led to successive failed harvests and widespread livestock deaths in some areas, and humanitarian needs have tripled since the b

Drought is pushing food prices up sharply in East Africa

Soaring cost of basic staples is an extra challenge for pastoralists as livestock prices fall
West Hararghe region, Ethiopia, December 2015. Some 10.2 million people are food insecure amidst one of the worst droughts to hit Ethiopia in decades.

FAO presents $50 million emergency plan as Ethiopia faces worst drought in 30 years

10.2 million food insecure after major crop failure, livestock losses due to El Niño

Is Africa’s land up for grabs?

Foreign acquisitions: some opportunities, but many see threats

After war, creating jobs for peace

Unemployment challenges stability in Liberia, Sierra Leone

Relief efforts gear up for Zimbabwe

Donors look for more progress on national reconciliation
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A harvest of hope for African farmers

Malawi subsidies stimulate a bumper crop
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Africa struggles with soaring food prices

From emergency reactions to farming investments

Price protests expose state faults

Rioting and repression reflect problems of African governance
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Women struggle to secure land rights

Hard fight for access and decision-making power

Saving Africa’s forests, the ‘lungs of the world’

Forest conservation can help counter climate change

Women push onto Africa’s agenda

NEPAD responds to advocates for women’s rights
NEPAD in action

Is cassava Africa’s new staple food?

NEPAD promotes cassava farming to reduce hunger

Fixing the humanitarian aid system

UN, relief groups seek to bolster and speed up food delivery