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Basic education is compulsory for both girls and boys.

Eritrea: Transforming communities through literacy

Steady improvements in literacy are driving positive transformation and helping improve livelihoods.
A student takes part in a virtual learning during COVID-19

WHO, UNICEF urge safe school reopening in Africa

Urge governments to take measures to limit the spread of the virus.
World Health Organization
Chelvin Ramsamy of Mauritius

My life-changing journey to the African Union

Education as the most powerful weapon to change the world
Igihozo, 11, listens to a lesson on a radio after his school was closed in Rwanda.

Radio lessons: In Africa schools are closed, but learning goes on

Countries use radio, TV and internet to keep students engaged
Children attend a class at the Deari elementary school in Eritrea. Photo: Panos/Giacomo Pirozzi

Private schools gain a foothold in Africa

Experts wary over corporate takeover of education in sub-Saharan Africa
Web Feature

Burundi’s push for universal education

Enrolment rates at an all time high, but challenges remain

African schools keep an eye on the prize

Meeting the target for universal primary education
Cover Story

Abolishing fees boosts African schooling

A giant step for children, but governments must navigate the pitfalls
NEPAD in action

Food keeps African children in school

NEPAD supports school feeding programmes

Giant step for Kenya’s schools

Progress for both boys and girls towards Millennium education goal